Hey there, avocado-eating snowflakes!

(If you don’t get the references, be sure to read this and this.)

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My name is Isla (like island), I’m a 22-year-old Dutchie living in The Hague, soon to move to London (yes, I’m voluntarily moving to a city where rent is twice as high).

I started this blog like most other things: a spur in the moment 2AM thing where I felt inspired to do something cool. Sometimes it’s making a midnight snack, this time it was writing about our generation. (I spent so much money on this website that I now have to follow through with it) .

No, but in all seriousness: I write about millennials. Why? Because I think we’re a unique generation that deals with a lot of shit. Are we a bunch of adults that don’t know how to adult? Doubt it. I see a generation that has has been shaped by some tremendously decisive moments over the past few decades. (I’m not spoiling which, you should read it yourself here).

I think that understanding the context in which we live, and have been living can make us more mindfull of whatever we’re dealing with, whether that’s financial insecurity, stress and anxiety, loneliness or over-ripe avocado’s (jk).

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